[Video] Domestic Sex Machines

It’s always smirk-inducing when Mythbusters invokes the ‘don’t try it at home’ saying (possibly making you wonder if it’s idiomatic just before a cannonball blasts through someone’s actual home). But while the above video of deliciously artsy kinetic sculptures evoke domestic sex machines of all persuasions and orientations, I strongly recommend that you do not try these kinds of contraptions at home unless you want your orifices thoroughly myth-busted. What I mean to say is, artists Lernert & Sander have made a fantastic music video of their newest work Elektrotechnique – De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, which won them “Winner, Dutch Design Award 2011, Best Motion Design.” And it is well deserved. Highly inspired, and inspiring. But please don’t think you could take these delightfully dirty designs for an actual roll in the hay unless you fancy starring in some homegrown tales-from-the-ER, the kind chillingly told around a dark and spooky campfire…

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  • Hilarious. I love the ubiquitous absorbent pad and box of tissues!