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  • World’s Largest Bra, Most People Taking A Shower Together? This is 2011’s pervy world records? There is NO way this is a complete list. Pervy World Records Broken In 2011 (buzzfeed)
  • The Victorians and porn, Puritans and pureness, Jews and holes in sheets… it turns out that a lot of what BBC dramas tell you about sex in history is just a fanciful cover for sex lives that didn’t differ that much from our own. 5 Ridiculous Sex Myths From History (You Probably Believe) (
  • Having an abortion does not increase a woman’s chance of developing mental problems, according to Britain’s Department of Health. Researchers from the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health at the Royal College of Psychiatrists analyzed 44 studies from 1990 through 2011, encompassing data on hundreds of thousands of women who were surveyed at least 90 days after having an abortion. The study is “the most comprehensive and detailed” to date on mental health and abortion. Abortion Does Not Increase Mental Health Risk, British Review Finds (Women’s Health Policy Report)
  • LOVE this: A beautiful story about transgender kids, family and so much more. The twin boys were identical in every way but one. Wyatt was a girl to the core, and now lives as one, with the help of a brave, loving family and a path-breaking doctor’s care. Led by the child who simply knew – Metro (The Boston Globe)
  • was registered by a California man shortly after the registry opened for business. AOL is now the owner of the domain. Now the only one of the top 20 web sites on the web that may be sexsquatted is Huffington Post Gets Sexsquatted (Domain Name Wire)
  • If you’ve had sex with two or more partners in the past year, you may be considered a risky organ donor, at least according to proposed new federal health guidelines that have drawn sharp protests from transplant experts who say they’re far too broad. Too promiscuous to donate an organ? Maybe, CDC says (Vitals)
  • Annoyingly difficult, unattractive and meme-tastic Flash game – its star, QWOP guy – got his own “sex tape” wherein we see that sex is easier than QWOP… QWOP Guy Has Sex (Dorkly Video, autoplay warning)

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  • Thrstle Fantstic

    I thought the article on transgender kids was very moving. It displayed the bravery and understanding required by the family. In the UK we had a reality series on C4 called My Transsexual Summer that bought together 6 transgender people at various stages of their transitions. I normally avoid reality TV but this show appears to have been a positive influence on all involved and handled the subject in a sensitive and adult manner. Try and catch it on Channel 4 On Demand website.