Free today only: Fetish Sex for Kindle

I really wanted to give someone I love a gift for the holiday season. Wonderfully, I realized this person is you.

For today, this holiday, I made my new book Fetish Sex free! I had a chance to make it free and I picked today (Christmas Day) as its free day.

It is an exclusive Kindle book, and you should go get it on Amazon and kink the hell out of your Kindle! The free download status ends at midnight tonight (12/25). This is your chance for you and friends to put it -affordably- on your Kindle. (In spring 2012 it will be available in other formats.)

I wanted to make it free for you today as my gift to you. I hope this gesture can show you how much I appreciate you for reading and following along through, well, everything. This book is something I worked harder on than I can possibly explain and means so much to me, is self-published and totally out of my own pocket, and so you should know that this gift is heartfelt. If you like it and want to ‘give back’ please do ‘like’ the book on its Amazon page – or share it with friends, tell those you care about that it’s pretty cool, or steal it and share it in a way you know people who need it can get its info to help them out. I made this, and it’s this lone girl author’s self-published endeavor. Happy holiday!

Thank you. You mean more to me than I can express here. Grab the file, and love it hard.

Fetish Sex is packed with information and guidance for individuals of all genders and sexual orientations, for singles and solos, for couples, and for sex educators everywhere. Fetishes are clearly described and the scope is enormous, including (but not limited to); rubber, medical, age-play, human animals, adult babies, bodily fluids, necrophilia, sleeping, chastity, panties, corsets, shoes, body parts, Japanese curiosities, human dolls, cross-dressing, sissies, strange and shocking, extreme and impossible fetishes, and much more – in vivid detail.

Fetish Sex began as an indiepub cult classic, and has now been completely updated, revised and expanded to include every kind of sexual fetish imaginable. This book defines and explains more real-life sexual fetishes than anyone has imagined to date. The book features explicit short erotic stories by Thomas Roche and a beautiful new cover by Steve Diet Goedde.

This meticulously researched and greatly increased second edition makes Fetish Sex the most comprehensive factual and practical book on sexual fetishes available.

Think you might have a fetish? This guide tells you if you do, or not. And if you do, this is where to learn how to make the most of it in safety, pleasure and answers questions about sharing fetishes.

The compendium also features erotica by novelist Thomas Roche, graphically illustrating sex with different fetishes. Resources include websites, fetish entertainment, etiquette, safety, books, communities, advice for non-fetishists that are in a relationship with a fetishist, and information on finding fetish-aware therapists. Fetish Sex is a guide for understanding, controlling and making the most of a fetish, whether alone or with a partner. Because the truth is, “normal” sex is exactly the kind of sex you enjoy.

Fetish Sex Table of Contents:

  • xi Introduction – Fetish: An Odyssey Of Searching and Finding
  • Defining Sexual Fetishism
  • Mother Superior – erotic fiction by Thomas Roche
  • Sexual Secrets
  • Fetishes and Sex
  • Nurse’s Duties – erotic fiction by Thomas Roche
  • Body, and Body Part Fetishes
  • Fetish Dressing
  • Human Animals
  • Good Dog – erotic fiction by Thomas Roche
  • The Heart of Fetish: Role-Play
  • Job Interview – erotic fiction by Thomas Roche
  • Cross-Dressing and Sissies
  • Girls’ School – erotic fiction by Thomas Roche
  • Handle With Care: Medical Play and Adult Babies
  • Everything That Ails You – erotic fiction by Thomas Roche
  • Still Life: Human Dolls, Bimbos, Sleeping and Necrophilia
  • Emma’s New Dolly – erotic fiction by Thomas Roche
  • Fetish Sex Rules
  • Resources: Websites, Books, Videos and More

Fetish Sex: A Complete Guide is a Kindle exclusive, and a Kindle Select – free in Amazon’s lending library for all Amazon Prime members.

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  • I will anxiously await Spring 2012. Thank you for your generosity and everything that you do to make the world a better place. Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!

  • max

    Merry Christmas, Violet Blue! :) I can’t wait to read Fetish Sex.

  • Ajar

    Longtime reader here, thank you for your generosity! I’m looking forward to diving in. :)

  • Thank you *so* much, Violet! I am thrilled to receive your fantastic book — it’s a gorgeous gift and I can’t wait to read it. I love tinynibbles and I deeply appreciate what you do for us all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Happy Day!

  • Rock

    Dear Violet
    Thank you very much for your kind gift! We your readers ppreciate it a lot.
    And tank you aslo for the great work you do.
    I sincerely appreciate it, and been following your posts since the first tim you posted an open source sex podcast…
    Thanks again, merry christmas, and i wish you a very good, happy, healthy and productive 2012… If the world doesn’t ends ;)
    Greetings from Mexico

  • anka

    Thank you!!! :D