Kink Your Kindle: New Sex and Erotica Kindle Books

The Kink Your Kindle feature is my hotlist of sexuality and explicit erotica books that are available for Kindle – and this edition is inspired by some really hot new books – and formerly hard-to-find sex books new to Kindle – that I think you’ll really like.

First, a shameless plug! You can now pre-order my next erotica collection, featuring outstanding authors from around the world and eloquently filthy sex ranging from tweetups to female chefs on oral quests: Best Women’s Erotica 2012 ($9.99). YAY!

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  1. Yup. Here’s the “story” –

    * Sasha Grey is a volunteer for Read Across America.

    * Writers paid by pageview count see opportunity to keyword their headlines with “porn” children” and “Sasha Grey.” Also: chance to invent a conflict about “overcoming porn past.”

  2. Well, I’ve been watching the news stories about it for at least a day now and whenever they headline on FOX News I’m inclined to pass them over. Which I have – I honestly think the Grey thing is 100000% not-newsworthy and is a pageview thing for all involved. Mind you, I love Sasha, but this isn’t any kind of news, nothing has actually happened, and it’s all pretty fabricated. So nah, I’ll comment here in our conversation, but it’s not worth actual blog space. Plus it’s not really that interesting to me.

    As an aside, XX Factor is one I really hesitate to link to. For facts or analysis, it’s more like a LiveJournal with an identity crisis than a serious blog.

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