Tokidoki’s Tattooed Barbie, Spock Is Gay, Sesame Street, Steve Jobs for Pro-Life [Sex News]

  • Zachary Quinto, best-​known for his leading roles in the 2009 film “Star Trek,” and the TV series “Heroes,” has announced he is gay. On his personal website today, Quinto, 34, wrote the that suicide death of bullied teen Jamey Rodemeyer, as well as last year’s flood of anti-​gay bullying related suicides, had caused him “indescribable despair.” Zachary Quinto, ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Heroes’ Star, Says He Is Gay (The New Civil Rights Movement)
  • The numbers vary, but every research enterprise that has asked young people and adults who live with disabilities about their experience of sexual violence reports that their experience of sexual violence is substantially greater. In fact many studies around the world have found that in any given group, if you’re disabled you’re more likely to have experienced sexual violence than not. Research on Sexual Violence Against Men with Disabilities (sexuality.about)
  • (This is a WTF Atlantic moment.) Stewardesses used to be subject to all sorts of extremely strict rules: they couldn’t be married, couldn’t gain weight, couldn’t get pregnant, couldn’t be much over 30. If you fire everyone who violates those rules, then yes, you will select for a much “hotter” group of women than the current crop. The Declining Hotness of Flight Attendants (The Atlantic)
  • Sesame Street’s YouTube page has been temporarily taken down after a group of hackers infiltrated it and uploaded a slew of pornographic videos. It’s unclear exactly how long the offending material may have been up, but by Sunday afternoon, the long-running PBS program’s page was replaced with a message accusing Oscar the Grouch and his friends of violating the company’s “community guidelines”. Porn Uploaded To Sesame Street’s YouTube Account (Cinemablend)
  • I wanted you to see this because I feel like no one noticed they fucked this up – it looks the Wall Street Journal had to do some serious corrections to a story the ran last week about OkCupid selling user data on drug use and relationship status, which was most of the headlines for this story hinged on. Look at the strikethrough… Privacy Study: Top U.S. Websites Share Visitor Personal Data (WSJ)
  • This post is really important and I can’t let it go – a point about Facebook’s hostility to sexuality, the current challenge to anonymity and the state of the open internet through the lens of sex blogging and sexual free expression – it’s really worrying. Son Of “Anything Worth Doing…” (ErosBlog: The Sex Blog)

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