[Video] Jenya D – Eugenia Diordiychuk – “Morning”

The moment I found the above video “Morning” of my long-running Met Art crush Jenya D – also known as Eugenia Diordiychuk – I just about fell out of my office chair. She moves! And she is even more sexy on video than in photos! ::swoon

Jenya D aka Eugenia Diordiychuk

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  • Oh, I saw your comment, I just didn’t know how to respond to it because I wasn’t sure what you meant.

  • anon

    No dice, eh? A critique of bloggers would say their traffic wanes because they deploy a comment form system that they don’t reply to. Just sayin’.

  • anon

    what do you think about her brother being the videographer? I’m curious what your sex-positive read of that is.

  • Funk

    She is trully outstandingly gorgeous. Imo the most beautiful n sexy of ur eye candies.

  • SevenExiles

    If you know where the line to make out with her is, my wife and I would really like to get in it.