[Video] English National Ballet Summer Party in Agent Provocateur

What a sexy video: ballet dancers letting their hair down, enjoying their bodies, and getting sexy in every combination. According to Agent Provocateur’s blog, the couture lingerie house was commissioned to design a tutu – or several – for this year’s English National Ballet Summer Party at The Orangery, Kensington Palace, London. The above video is a gloriously naughty private party the dancers enjoyed in a manor bedroom, shot for the ENB. A gallery of the lovely formal party (the final result; clothes stay on) is here.

Agent Provocateur has been among the best at making sexy media, and is still among the worst when it comes to sharing practices. Their blog still hasn’t made post linking possible, so I can’t send you to the original post for reference or citation, or point out other fun posts. You might as well quit the fake blog and just issue press releases, and be done with it, AP. Such a shame. At least the English National Ballet put this on YouTube.

Anyway, this is hot, hot, hot. And you know they have British accents, meow.

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