[Videos, Gallery] Ultimate Game of Thrones Sex Post: Hot As Hell in Winterfell

Let me fist (typo and it STAYS) say that if you have not seen the HBO series Game of Thrones (first season) and you intend to, then skip this post because it has a lot of spoilers.

I am enraptured with the series. I should disclaim that HBO sent me a mind-blowing olfactory, interactive marketing package before the series began, and so I was quite warmed up to liking the series thanks to their deviously brilliant marketing department.

What I did not expect was that I’d fall deep into the series, be led by the frontal cortex into the narrative, get turned upside down by star-turn monologues and visceral characters, or that I’d love it for the twists, turns, elaborate visuals, that it’s about to add serious elements of horror, and – yes – for the hot sex.

There was a controversy about this series before it made its debut, with critics decrying the sexual content and insulting viewers (especially female sci-fi and fantasy fans) before any of us had a chance to decide for ourselves what our relationship with *any* sexual content in fictional storytelling is, let alone how it was portrayed in Game of Thrones.

The people doing the poo-pooing and shaming the sexual content and those potentially interested in it (like the New York Times saying Game of Thrones was “porn for women”) just ended up looking like idiots that didn’t understand fantasy fans, girls, the digital era of sexuality (especially female) and missed the point and excitement of what turned out to be one of the best things HBO has done since Deadwood.

Besides – as a woman that has edited the bestselling series on literotica for women for the past six years, I can tell you this: Storytelling – whether crime, horror, fantasy, sci-fi ar anything that’s worth a damn contains sex, and not just light cliche sex, but sex that is far more redeeming, ethically errant, character-flawing and rewarding as other essential storytelling elements. Game of Thrones nailed it.

This post has videos and images found all over the internet – and it is a testament to how much I can’t wait until next season. References, credits and sources at post conclusion.

There is a large gallery after the jump with smiles, hard nipples and uncut glory all intact.

Videos are embeds leading to sources. Images via FMForums, Mr. Skin, Egostastic and many others.

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  1. One of the characters, a whore, she’s the one in the vidcaps with Peter Dinklage above, has been nicknamed “The Exposition Whore” on a message board I frequent, because … sexposition!

    Combining sex scenes with exposition is a great way to avoid letting either of them slow down the plot too much! All films must henceforth use this technique!

  2. On a side note, I always love movie sex even if its simulated. Its a lot hotter than watching porn for some reason. If you check out Boxcar Bertha, David Carradine has an unsimulated sex scene with Barbra Hershey. Now that was hot.

  3. Brad – I put one in, but all the other ones I found were wither animated .gifs or they were only 200px wide. Very frustrating.

    JoJo – but check this out… so, they can’t do penetration due to legalities. So, we can’t expect to see him “withdraw” hard. BUT – if you look closely (ahem, like id did about 100 times) at the hi-res images in this forum thread:


    It’s clear he was at the very least half-hard while he was ‘faking it’ for the camera, as you can see his (IMO gorgeous, uncut) cock decrease in size to its flaccid state by the end of the scene. Hot, hot, hot.

    Nacho – yes, that was a typo and I just amended it to say that the typo stays ;) Thanks for catching that one! I’ll be cheeky and say ‘fist’ anyway.

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