[Video] Set Pieces: Orgies of Sensuality (“Eyes Wide Shut pastiche”)

I feel like right now everyone is so desperate to sell out – erotic gimmicks, or some trope of art porn. I keep looking for that thing to usurp passive porno dolls and unspin the overlit amusement park of mainstream porn.

I found this missing piece of my puzzle tonight. It has a stupid name, for it is not shit, and it is by Patrice De Bruyne. Ignore everything except the lush invitation to eros. It’s two years old, but I think it’s timeless. Hope you like it, too.

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  1. Indeed, an impressive video. It’s great to be able to see some of the work that went into the ‘final photo’ that gets selected.

    I was especially struck by the two women laying on the ground, out in the open air grounds. (~1:05)They seemed to be very relaxed and having a good time, then go into “acting mode” for the pictures. I think it’s more interesting to me to see them laughing beforehand, actually.

    Thanks much for the link, Violet!

  2. Quality piece and agreed that the title is stupid. Why saddle it with that label after so much work? It’s a fine effort from staging to editing to music choices. And it was a lot of work, seemingly done with passion.

    Your comments about “selling out” or how gimmicky the medium has become speaks mostly to authenticity of intentions. If it starts with nothing more than the goal of selling, well, that’s the problem no matter how well executed. But if the prurience is pure, the magic unfolds…. Technical execution is often secondary to authenticity. Perhaps “pure prurience” should become a standard?

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