Nudie Cutie Pinup Cocktail Tumblers by Carolyn Kopecky

Kopecky Pin-Up Nudie Cutie Glasses

This is not a “want” post – it’s a “got” post! I had seen Kopecky’s Nudie Cutie Glasses online but no one had posted a photo doing them any justice so I gave them a meh. Then yesterday I saw them in the window of San Francisco’s Cliff’s Variety. I’m afraid I bought the last set (though they said they will be ordering more) – and the only place I can find them online is at Amazon. Of course, they’re cheaper at Amazon, but until distributor One Hundred 80 Degrees starts selling Carolyn Kopecky’s work direct to the public, that’s where you can find them.

Front-facing are pin-ups of each Sailor, Cowgirl, Pirate and Hula Girl – on the inside, they’re nekkid pin-up sweetness! Talk about a cool and refreshing drink. They are hand-wash only, and I’m fine with that. I love them, and now I can’t wait for my next cocktail party.

Kopecky Pinup glasses naked on the inside

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  1. Back in November I saw these for sale in a little shop in St. Petersburg, FL. I wish I had bought them all but I did get the pirate one for someone as a gift. Maybe they’ll have them when I’m there in August.

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