Eye Candy: All-Girl Fiesta for WWDC Testosterone Fatigue

Indeed. This week San Francisco has been taken over by Apple’s developer conference – WWDC – and to say it’s a sausage-fest would only be me quoting all the men that have been openly lamenting the monoculture.

I’m craving girls now so super-bad, at least to soothe. I need some massively feminine Eye Candy, hence the more-explicit-than-usual images in this post. And I know exactly why there were no women at WWDC. But that’s for Pulp Tech, when I hit the CBSi blog this weekend.

First, I need a palate cleanser.

Euro babes:

Australian naturals (all are women-run sites):

From (Aussie) I Feel Myself (watch showreel):

Madison Young (pregnant, solo love):

Madison Young: pregnant

Ishtar solo:

Rigby having an envious time with her boyfriend:


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  • Great selection of links – thank you for brightening up an otherwise dull Friday! I’m generally unsold on Met Art, but I did particularly like Estelle; and am increasingly tempted by Girls Out West.

    Another you might like is UK softcore site Breath Takers – I reviewed it recently on my blog and found it both exciting and good value.