Paintings by Ryan Seng: Gods, Sex and Technology

Relevance by Ryan Seng

This weekend I must finish Best Women’s Erotica 2012 and the second, revised edition of Fetish Sex and so I impulsively escaped to The Citizen Hotel in Sacramento, California – where it turns out that one of the hotel’s bartenders is remarkable erotic painter, Ryan Seng.

Prior to my mad writer’s dash to retreat and focus, I tweeted that I was headed to Sacramento. In response, a Twitter friend suggested I should stay at The Citizen Hotel (as did Thomas Roche). It’s one of the coolest things that’s happened to me via my Twitter account. The hotel tweeted a hello to me, and that got me to take a closer look and discover that the hotel is a gorgeous politically-themed environ with a heavy accent on scandal and naughtiness. In fact, one of the in-house bars is actually called The Scandal, and The Citizen has saucy packages with names like the “Full Stimulus Package” which encourages ‘dirty politics.’ I love it!

I was reading in the bar last night and got to talking with the bartenders – one whose ears perked up when I mentioned that I write and speak about sex and technology. I’m so glad he mentioned his work as a painter, as I just looked him up and – wow – his giant paintings in oil are fabulous. Playfully dirty, they’re all about gods, goddesses, sex and technology, with highly entertaining doses of pop culture.

In between writing and editing tomorrow I’m going to try to visit a club called The Shady Lady. A former prohibition-era speakeasy, it has a giant erotic mural on one of the walls by Seng that has a strong Boardwalk Empire vibe. I’ll update this post if I get a good photo of it.

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