Nibbles: True Blood Boys, Researchers Rethink Sex Online, Pedo On Reddit, Facebook Favors Morality In Media, AIDS Cure Nears?

Gay True Blood for YVY Mag

  • I’m so ready for a True Blood fix! I’m apparently not alone. Photographer Joe McCormick views model Dan Brett through a True Blood lens on gay YVY Mag in this sexy vampire series. (, pictured)
  • When we talk in public about sex online, much of what we say focuses on the dangers of cyber stalking, so-called internet porn addiction, or how the Internet is turning us into anti-social robot-shells of our former socially skilled selves. Researchers are calling for a much needed rethinking of the way researchers, public health workers, and the media think about sex online. Chipping Away at the Internet Sex Monolith (About Sexuality)
  • This may not belong on this blog. Do not click if you are a sexual trauma survivor, period. Link does not equal endorsement in any way. “Fast foward approximately 10 years of self hate and here I am, still attracted to kids and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. I’m also the last person you’d expect to be a pedo.” pedoseverywhere comments on This show is disgusting (
  • Four years ago, Timothy Brown underwent an innovative procedure. Since then, test after test has found absolutely no trace of the virus in his body. The bigger miracle, though, is how his case has experts again believing they just might find a cure for AIDS. The Man Who Was Cured of HIV and What It Means for a Cure for AIDS (New York Magazine)
  • Another fun NSFW webcomic to add to your rounds: Ménage à 3 (, thank you MT!)

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  1. He sounds exactly like other sex offenders and pedophiles. They think that they’re not sick or disgusting, they’re different. It’s the OTHER pedophiles that are sick and disgusting. In their minds, they are set apart from the others in order to justify what they think and do.

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