Eye Candy: Bi Boys and Frisky Girls

Nicoly Rodrigo Bisexual HD

Some of you have been requesting another bi (male) installment of Eye Candy, and I’ve been on the hunt for weeks!

In industry terms, “bisexual porn” is a catch-all phrase for male-male-female activity where there is intentional same-sex contact between the men. It is, in my experience, a popular and extremely underserved category. In mainstream porn, the word “bisexual” indicates a specific gender – male. It does not indicate same-sex female contact, despite the fact that in real life bisexuality is a sexual orientation, not solely a male sex act. “Bisexual porn” is also usually relegated to “fetish” categories. Either because it’s considered freakish, or as if same-sex male contact that isn’t gay-identified is somehow related to having an interest in being a human pony or becoming aroused by watersports. I mean, who the fuck knows? The people labeling and marketing it sure don’t, that much is obvious.

I just hate how this whole issue illustrates how little pornographers know about human sexuality and their customers – IMO, they’re just as bad as their anti-porn counterparts in this respect. (Such is the sex-negativity, consumer ignorance, blatant disregard for porn viewers, and homophobia of mainstream porn.)

When I worked at a sex toy, video and book retailer, the bisexual-male titles sold the hell out of everything else. And the good ones were always few and far between, despite the fact that the few good ones we could find flew off the shelves year-round. So I just don’t get the disconnect: bi-male porn is perennially popular and has been for the decade-plus I’ve been observing the market, and I still struggle to find good bi-male porn. Or bi-male porn that looks like it was made after 1990.

If you find good bi-male porn, please send it my way. I love it. Could you imagine if Andrew Blake did bi-male MMF threeways? Hot. Anyway, here’s what I’ve got for you this round:

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  1. As a bi male i have to say i am surprised that bisexual male porn is so popular. from a business stand point, it seems that they are safe in selling bi males female featured porn and gay porn and that bi males would be almost all the people interested in bi male porn

  2. … I like too … I also vividly recall a particular short story, in your Best Women’s Erotica 2011, which illustrates such a scene through words,specifically and beautifully … think I’ll pick it up and read it again when I’m at home … _^^_

  3. I didn’t realize bisexual porn was considered a niche market. But I’m curious, what market is bisexual aimed at, is it just people who identify as bisexual? Straight men? Straight women?

    Also it seems female-female-male porn isn’t identified as bisexual porn and it’s usually marketed towards straight men. At least from what I’ve seen.

  4. I can’t believe what a bad job BiSexHD does in trying to sell you on their site. Where’s the CTA? Why make it so hard to sign up? When is the adult industry going to grow up and learn that marketing isn’t _only_ about showing reams of pictures and giving multi-page tours? Every site looks like every other site. So sad.

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