[Video] Sex And Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy Trailers

After a very long wait in production and much editing, Chinese porn film Sex And Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy opened today in Hong Kong to sell-out shows and huge crowds. Sex and Zen 3D is a remake of the bizarre, hilarious and slightly unsettling film Sex and Zen (1991), which is still the highest-grossing Hong Kong adult movie of all time.

Right now it’s only playing in Hong Kong theaters and is has interest for openings in Japan and South Korea, though it is forbidden in mainland China. TIME reports that it’s going to Australia, New Zealand, Peru and Europe. I can’t wait to see it – I don’t know how or when, but I’m not going to miss it when it hits the states.

As the first modern 3D porn film that is getting a major release, it’s getting tons of press. AFP is the main source for all the reporting I’m seeing tonight: ‘World’s first 3D porn film’ opens in Hong Kong. Sex and Zen 3D had a huge budget: $20 million Hong Kong dollars (about $2.58 million U.S. dollars).

No press is linking to the website for Sex And Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy – shocking, I know. Funny that there’s no nudity on the site. If you click on over, there’s auto-play music on that Flash trainwreck, though it does have an English version with cast bios, wallpapers, stills and some interesting bits and pieces. It takes a Ming Dynasty Era to load. You’ll think it’s not loading for a long time, and then it does. Regardless, I’ve pulled together a small gallery of stills after the jump.

The below video was released 8 months ago, but it gives a nice overview of the production. The film stars Japanese porn stars (AV idols) Yukiko Suo and Saori Hara; as you’ll learn in this video, the producers said that Chinese actors were “too conservative” to be cast in the film (whatever that might mean) and so the cast is actually Japanese.

Here’s the official Cantonese trailer (no nudity):

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  • HuffPo called it “World’s First 3D Pornographic Film” – because they were born yesterday and report as infants. AFP has no excuse.

  • Alex

    “World’s First 3D Pornographic Film” Give me a break! Who could forget the brilliant classic “Disco Girls in Hot Skin”? It’s a hilarious piece of big-hair and bellbottom 1970s XXX, combined with the gimmicky experience of red-blue 3D glasses. What could be better? My wife claims she’s still scarred from going to see it with me.

  • Maldris

    and Im very sorry for now TRIPLE posting but I found the answer, its being distributed by the almost dead hoyts here in Australia, and only shown in 8 cinemas, most of which can be hard to get to if your not living close to them :(

  • Maldris

    I just thought I should add that I’m aware that imdb says is was released yesterday here but despite that I have been unable to find listing of it anywhere in a quick search. if I have better luck later Ill let you know

  • Maldris

    any idea when it hits Australia, I know I and many of my friends (partner included thankfully) would love to go see this. it would be a pitty to torrent it or any other such methods of accessing it early.