Thursday Nibbles: Daryl Hannah Stars in Snuff, Tristan Taormino at OSU, Pop Shot Neutrality, More…

Heart Shaped Cucumbers

* Awww! I’d love a Valentine salad made with these! Sainsbury’s launches heart-shaped cucumber (, via jtopper)

* As you may have heard, she will be at OSU after all – but not as part of Modern Sex (BOO!): Sex Educator Tristan Taormino Will Speak At Oregon State University and the University Of Oregon (

* Agreed, but fun to see a sports column seriously analyze Lingerie Bowl play: Lingerie Bowl: Outfits of little substance, but style of play serious (

* Don’t look at these if you are drinking anything unless you want to hose down your monitor via your nostrils: Regretsy – Penises (

Daryl Hannah Kill Bill Nurse* This intrigues me especially since my cunnilingus book is the foundation for the (alleged) mode of death in “Snuff” – plus an Elle Driver gangbang is like, wow: Daryl Hannah Out to Bed 600 in Chuck Palahniuk’s “Snuff” (NBC Philadelphia)

* Not surprisingly, the LA City Council probably just wants the problem to go away: it’s not “about business” to them, as everyone always knows that porn will find a way (to survive)… Just looks like a NIMBY reaction to me: L.A. City Council Wants to Require Condoms on Porn Sets (TIME Healthland)

* Alarms: this is not the same as Iran’s last two porn-related executions (January 30) – this is a new one, involving torture of a man who wrote a non-porn photo uploading program: Iranian web programmer faces execution on porn charges (The Guardian)

* This one is long, but a thorough takedown of the idea that facial ejaculation is inherently degrading, freeing us up to simply like it, or not – ahhh: In Defense of the Pop Shot: Dedicated to Margaret Brooks (Miss Maggie Mayhem’s Blog)

* Big congrats to sex educator Megan Andelloux for facing controversy on TV about her female sexual pleasure classes! We love you Oh Megan! Sex Educator Megan Andelloux’s Classes Causes Stir In Connecticut (WPIX-TV)

* I think CNet got this one sideways – and the part where Pink Visual stumbles over what will happen to their customers’ cloud storage if the company goes under is very… revealing: Porn studio could teach Apple, Google about cloud (CNET News)

* Advice: jack off before you do crime so you don’t get horny mid-thieving – just like you would before an important date. Or you’ll end up like this guy: Keys Teen Arrested For Breaking Into Appliance Store to Watch Porn (Miami News)

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