Oglaf’s “Snow Queen” And In Praise Of Other Great Oglaf Comics

Oglaf Snow Queen

Somehow in all the Lady Porn Day excitement I was reminded how much I enjoy the hilarious adult fantasy comics by artist Oglaf. The one above is “Snow Queen.” Updates are on Sundays, and the comics range from one-panel quips like the one above to short-story series multipanels. Highly recommended: visit the archive and ignore the ones that say “safe” – you can always go back to those later.

You can also follow Oglaf on Twitter for updates and general wittiness.

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  1. Violet, I’m so glad to see you’ve found this treasure! I was fortunate enough to stumble across it a few weeks ago, and I’ve turned all my nerdy D&D-playing friends on to it. They’ve all, male and female (and one M>F transgendered) fallen in love with the strip–we can’t get together without quoting lines and bursting into laughter. The Snow Queen is just about my favorite character: hilarious and sweet and pitiable at the same time. Poor thing! She just wants to be loved!

    I hope the next time I visit Australia for a geeky conference, I get to meet Trudy Cooper so I can thank her for her awesomely sex-positive art and humor.

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