Lingerie Bowl – PS: I Love You Lingerie Football League

I was really relieved to find out that not only am I NOT the only female fan of the LFL – but that there are *lots* of female fans. I actually totally want to go to a game.

The next game is tonight: the Lingerie Bowl, right at halftime for America’s Super Bowl. It will be broadcast live on pay-per-view cable (US) at 7PM EST; above are the highlights from January 25th’s game #19. Here is broadcast partner MTV’s LFL show page, with many video clips. I think that MTV does not allow playback in the UK, and if that’s true I am sorry – and it’s MTV’s loss in many ways.

The Lingerie Football League website is here, and it has a great gallery (Flash warning). This one is fantastic, too:

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  • OH YAH, this is a hot topic if my home.

    For starters, the football is actually pretty damn good, fast and the hitting is HARD and unapologetic. I am a REAL fan of football. I have been a Saints fan my entire life and I am a huge NFL fan.

    I discovered the Lingerie Football League first on Facebook and then on MTV. I could not believe how bad ass the players are and how hard they hit. HOLY CRAP. I would cry my eyes out if someone ever hit me that hard.

    They wear pads (although they are partial pads that allow their cleavage to show) and the do spend an inordinate amout of time pulling their booty shorts out of their butts. (Excuse me miss, your ass seems to be eating your underwear.)

    I love the LFL and can’t wait to watch the Lingerie Footbal Super Bowl on payper view. These women are an inspiration… they are beautiful, tough. smart, sexy and really smart business women!

  • We only recently started getting this here in Australia. Yeah, it’s something else!

  • “Sorry, we’re unable to offer this video to users in your region”. I guess us Australians will just have to start our own lingerie sports league. For cricket.

  • I found these photos and album on facebook today! viva lingerie footbal

  • I want to see a game too! I’m a fan, I have seen a few parts of the game on MTV, the girls are some serious athletes, and are a real pleasure to watch

    now that’s some football to watch