Naughty Bookworms: Eye Candy With Girls In Glasses

Ally Kay Naughty Bookworms

Recently I posted an eye candy collection that featured geek porn fave Lexi Belle in a college classroom scene: many liked the Lexi, but one person voiced distaste at the fantasy scenario itself. They did not like the fantasy of women trading sex for advancement. I respect that. In real life, I see it as both an embarrassment to everyone, and a short-sighted strategy by tech PR marketers. I frown on sex traded as nonconsensual leverage and the whole women-as-sexual-gatekeepers thing. However, if heterosexual classroom sex for better grades acted out by mainstream porn stars playing faux submissives offends you, this post is something you will want to skip. For a significant number of people, the co-ed classroom fantasy is a rich one. And it is no more than that: a fantasy which in this case is clearly enacted by professional porn performers for entertainment.

That said, I plundered galleries from Naughty Bookworms because I’m a fan of the fantasy, and an even bigger fan of girls with glasses. Yup, the glasses are fake here too, but hey, it’s porn. It’s like, there are no gay Scientologists. Don’t tell Gail Dines, but porn is… well, not as real as she hopes, and its viewers are not as gullible as she is.

Videos are embedded after the jump, the images and videos are very explicit (all kinds of penetration and big natural… smiles).

* Victoria White with Christian (videos)

* Danica Dillon with Professor Bauer (videos)

* Nicole Ray with Otto Bauer (videos)

* Ally Kay with Prof John (videos)

* Cute redhead, no glasses: Marina Blue with Professor Banderas (videos)

* Lou Charmelle with Professor Addams (videos)


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  • A retired professor

    Over 30 years of college teaching taught me that none of these scenes had much connection with reality. Some professors have sex with some students. That is about the limit of the connection. I am male, and I would have female students come to my office, or lab, and explicitly make the offer to exchange sex for grades. Or, they would ask to talk about “extra credit” but an additional writing assignment, book report, or just turning in their damn homework was not something they were interested in doing. I would also hear, “Professor, I really need an A. I’ll do what ever it takes. When I suggested doing the reading assignments, and turning in homework, I would get these puzzled looks, like “Is he gay, or stupid?”

    I suppose there are professors on every campus notorious for trading sex for grades or recommendations. There has been at least one at every college where I have worked. I suggested to one shit-head he should print on the bottom of his course outline, “A is for Ass, B is for Blow-job.” But, the students willing to enter into the bargain don’t complain, they got what they wanted. And, I also know from friends and colleagues that this is not particularly different in businesses or industry.

  • Dr. Curiosity

    I’d be much more of a fan of the “Girl graduates and comes back to seduce the teacher she’s been lusting after for the last 2-3 years now that he doesn’t have a professional reason to say no, and verbal foreplay turns into intense and passionate fucking” kind of scenario, myself. But then, I guess I’m an incurable romantic like that ;-P

  • R

    Well, definitely thumbs up on the girls-with-glasses, which is hotness. I find the scenarios somewhat unpleasant, for the reasons you mention.

    But the main thing this makes me think is that the need to display what’s going on for the camera leads to some very awkward and — I can only imagine — uncomfortable contortions. It’s like the way TV families always sit awkwardly on one side of the table, only the table is someone else’s junk.