Congrats! Queer Feminist Sex Magazine “Salacious” Launch Party!

salacious magazine cover

I’ve been calling 2011 “year of the queer” since December – part of that had to do with finding out that queer feminist porn/erotica magazine Salacious, was going to launch on January 1, 2011. And what an amazing first issue. Their blog is great.

Filament has a fantastic and very informative review on the first Salacious Magazine here – you’ll see why I’m an enthusiast and think this is a great enterprise, worthy of wanking and support. I asked Salacious if I could show you some large excerpts from this month’s magazine and they were kind enough to send me the files I wanted! Check out a few dirtysexy queer excerpts after the jump. And the reason I’m posting this today is that if you’re in the SF Bay Area tonight, Salacious is having a massive launch party featuring some kind of “Iron Slut” sex educator face off with Madison Young… I don’t know what that means but it sounds cool. It’s in Oakland, but I’ll be in SF tonight livestreaming with Rachel (conflict!) and I’ll post more about that in a bit.

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  • Love the magazine and the brains behind it. Thank you for writing about it! xxxooo