April Flores in Hot ARTCORE Exclusives From Courtney Trouble

April Flores ARTCORE

This weekend Courtney Trouble made me very happy by randomly sending me these sizzling photos she shot of April Flores for Trouble’s site NoFauxxx and the release of Carlos Batts‘ new indie porn film, ARTCORE. Courtney knows how to make me smile. (Thank you!)

Carlos Batts makes truly original outsider porn films. His films are equal parts artistic vision, what turns the performers on (collaborative erotic conepts), and a defiant reaction to the mainstream porn industry’s lack of original ideas and dearth of diversity. Another vibrant, necessary set of voices are being represented here that are continually overlooked by mainstream sex entertainment media and anti-porn pundits alike. Carlos and April, the team, have my undying support and admiration.

Courtney Trouble’s review of ARTCORE is here (she is a performer in the film).

Here is the trailer for ARTCORE (description) – look for the rest of the April glamour photos Courtney sent me after the jump.

Here are Carlos Batts and April Flores talking about their work, in Las Vegas for the porn convention:

April Flores ARTCORE

April Flores ARTCORE

April Flores ARTCORE

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  • mykejw

    April you ‘re rockin our world!

  • Can’t wait to see this movie! April is so, so, so beautiful, and she’s smashing stereotypes.

  • Courtney Troubles takes stellar photos and these shots of April Flores are smokin hot!!
    The Artcore trailer looks amazing cannot wait to see April Flores, Courtney Trouble and Drew Deveaux in action!!

  • I need to buy that. I love those girls and Carlos’ work is gorgeous. Thanks for posting that.