Agent Provocateur New 2011 Line Discovers Erotic Gif Art

Agent Provocateur Cindy gif

Sorry if the movement bugs you; it won’t be at ‘top of page’ for long, but I thought you might want to see what Agent Provocateur is doing with their new Spring/Summer 2011 line in terms of online presentation and art. Each season they usually do something different, cool and sexy, and I think erotic animated .gif art is great.

They also have this peeping Tom video for promotion of the line, though I don’t think it’s worth a post on its own. It’s titillating, don’t get me wrong – the model Josephine is gorgeous and I love voyeur cams. I just didn’t think the video went anywhere – but most of all, it’s not embeddable/shareable. Fuck that attitude. So 2005 web marketing. The mindest, of course, is that people will go oooo sex and do blogger work to make a post to spread word about the video/thus promote their products. Then the site greedily pulls in video visitors in hopes they a) get numbers to show their bosses !!it worked!! and b) they internally foster the hopehopehope that these people will stay on the site and buy shit because you made them go there.

UR math is wrong: video viewers and wealthy lingerie shoppers are not the same value.

Well, they’d get a *lot* more numbers – in views – if they made the video embeddable, which means more exposure to potential shoppers, who will go to the site when they’re ready to buy something, rather than when they feel like watching a wanky-sexy video. Plus, making people click through makes us feel like we’re being somehow tricked, and no one likes that.

So, I’ll always totally show you where to find this sexy stuff. But I’m not playing these stupid, half-baked marketing games anymore when the technology to share media is readily available. Plus, someone will always steal media people are trying to hoard anyway. Pffft.

UPDATE: A clever reader made us a present – thank you, S! Here it is:

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