Kink Your Kindle: 2010’s Top Hot Sex Books for Gifting, Coveting

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Best Bondage Erotica 2011

I look at dozens and dozens of sex books all year; authors and publishers send them to me, and I love it. My personal library has overgrown several six-foot-tall bookcases, and books are piled tastefully all over my flat. They are all very naughty books. At the end of the year I usually do a popular “Best Books” post. This year I thought it would be more useful if I posted it before the holidays.

I’m noticing that while more people are buying and reading books than ever before, current organizational/search systems on sites like Amazon don’t quite fit the way readers now discover new books. It is actually getting more challenging to find Amazon’s top erotica (and sex nonfiction) books because free Kindle selections have muddied the search waters; meanwhile looking at “popular” doesn’t get you new releases. What’s worse is Barnes and Noble. Talk about making discovery difficult. The Color Nook is great, but finding erotica (or any category exploration) on their site is impossible: this might just kill them. Most of all, with Amazon’s new problem and Barnes’ big problem — how do you know which ones are good? Which ones are explicit, accurate, well written, and sex-positive? Will the collection of couples’ erotica excite and inspire with new fantasies while delivering the hardcore goods, and be readable and unpredictable — or will it be like Penthouse Letters on a bad, sad and moralistic day?

I am here to help. I know the landscape really well: it’s my job. And my passion. In the list below you’ll find fiction and non-fiction from this year’s releases that I really think are the cream of the crop. I also suggest browsing off this list by reputation: the authors and editors below are among the best, so if you look for work by authors they’ve worked with you’ll strike gold almost every time. Disclosure: I put two of my new titles on the list in case you want to know which ones I love; I’m not shilling for myself, I simply stand behind my work as well as being very proud of the authors I get to publish. On the subject of my books, please help me recommend Fetish Sex (myself + Thomas Roche) to be published in a Kindle edition!

Lastly: I’m delighted to see that Kindle has made it so you can now gift books to people by email — and don’t forget that your friends don’t need to have a Kindle device to read and enjoy the books (Kindle for PC : Kindle for Mac). Smart.

Nonfiction books and how-to guides:

The Adderall Diaries by Stephen Elliott
Compelling true crime story about tech culture, murder, sex, drugs, and the narrator’s struggle with all of it. Currently being made into a screenplay.
Amazon : Barnes : Kindle : Nook : The Rumpus

Sex, Sin and Zen by Brad Warner
Entertaining, hilarious and healing essays from a bad-boy Buddhist; I loved this book.
Read my review : Amazon : Barnes : Kindle : Nook

some girls jillian laurenSome Girls: My Life in a Harem Jillian Lauren
Not as much *explicit* sex as I wanted but damn, is this book on modern day harems and harem girls interesting.
Read my review : Amazon : Barnes : Kindle : Nook : Audible

Packing for Mars by Mary Roach
My favorite science writer (one of my fave writers, period) investigates the possibilities of human life in outer space, including sex.
Amazon : Barnes : Kindle : Nook : Audible

Mommy’s Little Girl: On Sex, Motherhood, Porn, & Cherry Pie (2nd Ed) Susie Bright
The witty, sharp Empress of the sex-positive movement delivers a guilty pleasure of a read.
Amazon : Barnes : Kindle

Tablehopper’s Guide to Dining and Drinking in San Francisco by Marcia Gagliardi
Locals and visitors: you want this. Sections for dating, relationships, one night stands and more.
Read my review : Amazon : Barnes : Kindle : Nook

Good Porn by Erika Lust
Female pornographer Lust dishes on feminism and women finding good porn.
Amazon : Barnes : Kindle : Nook

Exhibitionism For The Shy by Carol QueenExhibitionism For the Shy by Carol Queen
This book is incredible, and it has been completely updated. The name says it all.
Amazon : Barnes

Sex: A Book for Teens by Nikol Hasler
If you have teens around, or know someone who does, this new tome is required. And funny! Should be on Kindle and Nook.
Amazon : Barnes

Seal It With A Kiss by Violet Blue
My book on kissing is a cute guide for girls, has advice on every aspect imaginable, and is designed for gifting.
Amazon : Barnes : Kindle : Nook : Cleis Press

Your Orgasmic Pregnancy by Danielle Cavallucci, Yvonne K Fulbright
Not brand new, but I just discovered it. Great book on sexuality and pregnancy for women, with a focus on pleasure and safety.
Amazon : Barnes

Erotic fiction, explicit (multi-author short stories):

Fairy Tale Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women edited by Kristina Wright
Think “Wicked” comes of age. Skilled authors craft eerie, hot, romantic and pivotal erotic encounters within classic fairy tales. Very fun.
Amazon : Barnes : Kindle : Nook : Cleis Press

Best Bondage Erotica 2011 edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Superb writers with a range of stories on tying and getting tied up, restraint, and power exchange.
Read introduction : Amazon : Barnes

Best Women’s Erotica 2011 edited by Violet Blue
Women acting out their filthiest fantasies; some surprisingly male ones, too. Incredible writing.
Amazon : Barnes : Kindle : Nook

Girl Crush Book by R. GayGirl Crush edited by R. Gay
Girls crushing on girls — and acting on it for the first time. So so so hot. Great stories, daring sexcapades.
Read review : Amazon : Barnes : Kindle : Cleis Press

Beautiful Boys: Gay Erotic Stories edited by Richard Labonté
Another guilty pleasure of a book, all about objectifying and sexing gorgeous guys from the male perspective: very explicit multi-author collection, fantastic writers.
Amazon : Barnes : Kindle : Nook : Cleis Press

Making the Hook Up: Edge Sex With Soul by Cole Riley
Hot, sweet, sublime and superlative writing is in this collection by black authors; arousing and unforgettable stories. Lightly kinky at times, which is rare in African American erotica.
Amazon : Barnes : Kindle : Nook

Passion Book Rachel Kramer BusselPassion: Erotic Romance for Women edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Romance with explicit sex, crafted by skilled authors.
Amazon : Barnes : Kindle : Nook

Bad Ass (Kindle only) and Kiss My Ass (also in paperback). Indie: authors include Sommer Marsden, Jax Baynard, Sophia Valenti, Alison Tyler.
Bottom-themed explicit erotica by some of my favorite writers; self-published so you support the writers directly.

Kindle only: Torn. Authors include Thomas Roche, Sommer Marsden, Alison Tyler.
Stories featuring lovers who can’t keep their hands off each other; boiling point erotica. Self-published so you support the writers directly

I have to give a shout out to N.T. Morely’s extreme, intense, excellently written hardcore erotic novels which I think are essentially today’s Story of O. The Castle series only suffers from poor bookcovers; the writing is excellent. I read a chapter on my podcast and everyone wanted more: now, finally, you can get them.

Photo book:

Urban Girls by Howard Huang
I saw it at a book show and I think it’s glorious: tough and sexy pinups with curves for miles.
Read my review : Amazon : Barnes : Taschen

Further: Find more suggestions in my Kink Your Kindle List.

Support indie publishing: Cleis Press is offering 20% off all books (almost all of mine, tons of great sex books by many authors) until the end of December.

What did I miss? Dear clever readers — please tell me in the comments!

You are looking at Violet Blue / TinyNibbles Hot Sex Book Gift Guide 2010. Don’t miss the 2010 hottest toys and sexy gift guide, Cyber(Sex) Monday: Top Sex Toys to Give and Get.

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  1. Thank you for actually putting together a halfway interesting gift list. My wife and I could certainly pick a thing or three of the list.

    I’d like to see a wish list of erotic ebook must haves.

    Merry Christmas to you and your readers and.a naughty New Year,

  2. Dear Violet, just to say again, here, that one of my favourite books – and well worth sharing – is your book, “Fetish Sex: an Erotic Guide for Couples” – it’s unafraid and beautiful and great for stimulating conversation – too! Thank you again _^^_

  3. Violet, thank you so much for including my books on this list, and for giving me a few that I want to check out (I started Packing for Mars and it’s as wonderful as all of Mary Roach’s books, and hadn’t heard of the Brad Warner book but will check it out). I also highly recommend Some Girls, which works on a lot of levels. Yay books! They are my favorite gifts to give (and receive, of course).

  4. My gift was your Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus, 2nd Ed. Bought it myself, which a book like this is actually out of my comfort zone, but who cares? Better to expand your mind on pleasing your woman, rather than try to get tips (like most) from gonzo porn films, or any other porn video that you fancy, right? Great book so far!

  5. Thanks for the recommendations! I’m currently listening to The Circle by N.T. Morley in audiobook format. I’m always looking for audiobooks because I drive a lot. I’ve found none of yours (except your podcast readings) and only some of the authors you recommend. Can you recommend a source for the books you recommend in audio?

  6. Erika, me too! That book changed my life. Carol worked really hard on the update, brought in a lot of people and added even more of her fabulous expertise. I don’t think it’s gotten enough attention, and I really wish it was on Kindle. I could give that book to so many people!

  7. Exhibitionism for the Shy has been updated?!?!?! I must get it. The first edition was pivotal in me breaking out of my shy shell about my sexual expression, I can’t wait to see how it’s been updated in the second edition! <3

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