More Erotic Massage: Konata at Hegre (With Video)

Wow, Hegre is pulling out all the stops with their boy-girl couples’ erotic massage series. Here is the explicit gallery, and after the jump is a robust video teaser (with a mildly awkward title).

They also delivered this week on a very frequent request I get: hot models with natural hair down there. Here’s sexy Sylvie.

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  1. Just had to comment again (after watching the video). I normally shy away from pics/video involving black men, it just tends to break my zone, but that one was nice. I think the camera work, lighting and action just made it feel sexy, without a need to project myself into the mans position. It was a sexy performance.

  2. As a straight guy, I’m lucky to have found a hot woman (almost 5 years now) who trims, which is what I’ve wanted all along. Not 70s untamed, not 90s shaven, but trimmed. I trim my beard (she asked me to grow it), I trim my hair, I trim my ‘hair’, and that’s what she expected of herself and her partner before she met me. *happy sigh* there’s a growing list of things where we match up…

  3. I understand. Finding middle ground is tough these days. I have been getting a lot of email from young women who are asking me for more hot representations of women who are unshaven. They identify as seeking images that make them feel sexy for being natural, for themselves, and not even necessarily lesbian in orientation. So I’m keeping an eye out…

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