Lindner (Polish) Coffin Calendar 2011

Lindner Polish Coffin Calendar

Every year Polish coffin makers Lindner produce a very controversial pin-up calendar. The new 2011 calendar is no exception, and they brought it all to the fore with themes that evoke Reservoir Dogs, and more. Not everyone is okay with this.

Fabulous. It’s about to sell out.

You can also find Kalendarz Lindner on Facebook. Here’s a link to 2010’s issue, but I think this year’s is the best yet.

Not to be confused with Italian coffin maker Cofanifunebri, who has been producing sexy coffin calendars since 2004 and just released their erotic 2011 coffin calendar which includes fetishwear and toplessness. Ah, Europe :)

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  1. While I’m all for free expression, especially when it involves women in minimal clothing, and I find the images pleasurable, I’m at a bit of a loss as to the rationale behind this particular endeavor considering the actual use for the product they sell.

    Is this an honest attempt at some form of advertising? I know deep down we’re simpler creatures then we’d fish t appear, but I didn’t think we were that simple…

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