It’s A ‘Zine: Remember Those? November’s SanFranSexy Is Here!

SanFranSexy November

The new issue of SanFranSexy is here — don’t skip this because you see a real-life paper copy in my photo and think you’ll never get one. Why? because everyone can have one, for free! Download a full-color .PDF of our City’s premiere pansexual, sex-positive monthly sex-happy ‘zine. I was lucky to have gone to the sold-out XXX Haunted Funhouse last weekend and grabbed my own copy, bringing back memories of the wonderful days of Kinko’s, too much coffee, and staying up all night writing for ‘zines.

This month features a fantastic article on safer sex and how to bring it up, a killer guide to sex party etiquette (aimed toward guys who want to hook up, but full of great general tips), very snarky sex advice, and much more. It also includes a full roster of Kinky Salon events, local sex-themed parties, the new London KS chapter, plus a new party just for women — Velvet — that looks sexy, soft, and very appealing. Congrats!

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