Wednesday Nibbles: Middle Men, DeNiro’s Tiger Balm Hard-On, Wii Sex Toy Seeks Beta Testers, more

Mess With The Bull by Brian M Viveros

* Right after I got offstage at Gnomedex, Ken Yeung interviewed me for Network Solutions — check it out what I had to say in Sex, The Web & What Non-Profits Can Do To Raise Awareness (video,

* Paramount’s film Middle Men was produced and is about the guy behind porn billing company ePassporte (so like if you’re a Hannah’s Honeypot affiliate, you might get your % from a signup put into your ePassporte account). Visa does not like to do porn billing. Film comes out, Visa ends relationship with ePassporte. Many people now have LOTS of money locked in their ePassporte accounts. Cinematical wisely points out Mallick’s shady history, and wonders if he’s going to make off with everyone’s dough… Lots more of it than I ever imagined. Sounds like another saga in the making. (

* For a while Mojowijo has been rumored to make a Wii remote sex toy (male and female versions) — set for release this Fall. Like, now! They’re currently seeking beta testers… (

* Big thank you to About: Sexuality for the linklove in the great article, Helping Yourself While Asking for Sexual Help. (

* Turns out that back in 1977 (omgwha?) Robert DeNiro was in need of erection help for the film 1900; Gerard Depardieu apparently helped him with a water-and-Tiger-Balm, pre-Viagra solution. Okay, that’s kinky, that’s neat. But… woe to the unhappily napalmed orifices on the wrong end of a 1970s surprise Depar-dip. (

* Everyone’s talking about Gaga’s raw-raw dress from last weekend, but apparently a book is coming out saying crappy things about her — though if they think that having her female assistant be her sleeping and showering companion is a bad thing… they probably don’t know I’m like, ready for the job. On a much more mature note, it’s really cool to see that the Lady Gaga tour is hitting Virginia and the Uni there is focusing their English course on the challenges Gaga’s image poses to gender and identity. Cool class! (,, via Femme Remix)

* LAME: “A southwest Missouri school board voted to keep in place its ban on a National Book Award-winning novel about a Native American boy after hearing from parents who object to its strong language and sexual imagery.” (

* 2 girls 1 cup was in a Domino’s ad. Serisouly. (

* Extreme rubber doll suits, complete with sex doll holes. Wow. (

* Yes, everyone sent me the (most recent) steampunk sex toy concept site Lady Clankington’s Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities. Yes, she’s cute, and sure, I’d own a (gorgeous) Uranium Pistol. But I didn’t want to link to it because the holding URL bugs me. (

* You saw that CitiBank had career advice for women, either from the script of Mad Men or the pages of Michael Arrington’s “you women” playbook — but the reactions were gold. To the CitiBank item, anyway. (

Art by the incredible Brian M Viveros.

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  • James

    lol i may need to get that Wii sex toy

  • @Rhacodactylus you just scored a +1 for Team Madge :)

    have you seen the “she’s not me” video?

  • For me, the biggest controversy surrounding Lady Gaga isn’t her sexuality, it’s why she refuses to pay Madonna royalties for stealing her act.