La Dolce Vita (Revisited) – Raquel Zimmermann in Spanish Vogue

The current issue of Spanish Vogue has a very sexy interpretation of La Dolce Vita (possibly my all-time favorite film) starring slim, lovely model Raquel Zimmermann. In my dream world this would be replayed starring certain Mad Men actors — but then, perhaps that Dolce Vita undercurrent is what makes Mad Men so very much the complex cocktail it is.

At a recent high-profile local tech party, I heard some asshole say he had “a Pete Campbell kind of expense account, if you know what I mean.” He was looking for a boozy upscale restaurant to take his newly-acquired, garden-variety skanky tech PR chicks to, after the party. The cliches are no longer just in “beta.”

Marcello, where are you? I feel so lost here right now.

The whole shoot is here on Fashiontography and it is full of sexy nudity.

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  • jessica

    hey, i love your blog! and though i definitely appreciate your featuring lovely larger ladies like april flores, etc. sometimes, this is kind of a perfect example of how much eroticized ultra-thinness i often see on this site. a little more body diversity here, and i’d be even happier camper!
    (of course, this is a lovely shoot, i just like more flesh on my ladies’ bones)

  • I think she got it wrong, the PETA slogan is “I’d rather go naked than wear fur,” not “I’d rather go naked and wear fur.” Simple mistake, could have happened to anyways.

    I’m just kidding of court, those are gorgeous shots.