Frisky Folsom Sunday: Explicit Videos and Fetish Sex Ed

whipped ass

Hello everyone — it’s Folsom sunday and I think I’m going to the fair in a little bit. Many TinyNibbles readers won’t be attending, but I’d like to offer up a very kinky Sunday porn selection for your perusal. Image above from this girl-girl BDSM gallery.

All porn here is consensual, monitored for safety, and made by adults who participate in clearly defined and negotiated alternative sexual lifestyles (on-screen, and off).

Learn about it. Before we jump in, please do click on my Fetish Sex page, which I’ve updated and fluffed to help explain what a fetish is, why someone might enjoy their fetish (or fetishes) and other goodies like book recommendations and a couple of free audio podcasts.

First, vintage Bettie Paige spanking:

A sexy rubber video trailer from the Japanese movie Rubbers (look for the QR code on the site!) about a woman with a latex fetish and a bf who can’t handle it, and a recommendation to visit Lust, Love and Latex; and FetLife:

Brand new weekend galleries from Kink sites include: Upper Floor (Art + Sex night), beautiful girl on Kink Live, and Water Bondage.

After the jump, I found a selection of very hardcore videos from Kink which I can now embed — yay! BSDM and fetish mixed with sex, a great combination. Thier embedding feture is new, so let me know if you encounter any bugs I should know about.

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  1. @Rhacodactylus Thank you for sharing that — and I really mean it. I too have ‘picked up’ fetishes from exes that I now only enjoy in fantasy and porn. I don’t pine away for the exes in any way, but it is like dating someone who turns you on to a spicy exotic food. Then, no more spicy occasional treat.

    On a similar note, I found this most bittersweet post while researching mine today — I don’t know how I missed it:

  2. I had an ex who was extremely into a very specific fetish. It was a mixed blessing though, after we broke up, I had a hard time letting go of the behavior, I haven’t found a girl since who was up for it (and no, I’m not going to give specifics =)

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