Designer Sex Toys Ultra: Sono Love

sono love

I seem to find high-end sex items without trying. It’s often exciting but frustrating, as they’re either very expensive, hard to find, unreleased (or limited edition) artist designs. I try to share things with you that are obtainable (like Lady Gaga’s Whore teacup from Outlandish Creations, remembered at Coco), but I also love to dream. As is the case with designer Patrycja Domanska’s Sono Love orchid (, more images). It’s a vibrating silicone sex toy that looks like a fun piece of sexy art and doubles as a haute necklace. Coco needs to pick this one up, for sure.

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  • mieu

    seconded about the shoes!

  • meg

    Hmmm…where can I buy one of these things? The link takes you to a promising website, but there’s no purchasing information.

  • Damn, I want to know where I can find those shoes!