NPR on Sexual Fluidity: Late-Life Lesbians

NPR is finally starting to do some interesting stuff. Even better now that outlets like Mashable regress and deliver “breaking news” on how there is sex on Craigslist (and then their editors tell me at parties why they think it’s good so they can court the “mainstream”), while Fox News runs crazy crap about how porn is bad for your sex life (your sex life = a man’s, because women “need” foreplay and don’t watch porn or read Fox on Sex). I feel like since I quit The Chronicle the mainstream outlets have declared it “backwards day” on sexual topics more than ever before. I should probably go back into MSM. So, phew: NPR reporting on things in real life. I think it’s really interesting to see NPR doing a segment on sexual fluidity, looking at women who become lesbians in later life (after being exclusively heterosexual).

* ‘Late-Life Lesbians’ Reveal Fluidity Of Sexuality (

The gallery above is a cool shoot from Argentina called Charo: Tangerine and from the same company I also liked (more explicit) Suzan: In Bed.

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