My Fave Gnomedex Talk: Oatmeal on Viral Marketing, Dating Unicorns and Bad Kissers

You are already familiar with the work of evil genius (and total sweetheart) Oatmeal — he is the creator of infamous and unsettlingly hilarious online memes such as 10 Reasons it Would Rule to Date a Unicorn, The 8 Phases of Dating, How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You, How to Suck at Facebook, and the lesser-known How Many Baboons Could You Take in a Fight? (Armed With Only a Giant Dildo). He is just as funny in his talk (above) where he explains how these awesome comics are maded, and how they are created to leverage viral campaigns. Watch him talk! You will LOL out loud.

I too have been an unwitting Oatmeal traffic minion. And I’m cool with it: I’ve blogged a number of his creations in the past, such as his spoof dating site Zombie Harmony. But since I just released a book on how to kiss, and I *just* made this sweet video to go with it, do check out the awesome Oatmeal comic, Types of Bad Kissers.

Mr. Oatmeal spoke after me in Seattle last Saturday afternoon for Gnomedex. Then we had drinks. It was awesome.

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