FleshDrive: 1 out of 1 Sex Blogger Preferred Over the “Lady Java” Video

Watch the Lady Java video if you must: do not bother unless you are the one person who totally fapped to Christina Aguilera’s Not Myself Tonight video. I’ll get my geek on to peep the FleshDrive* news item instead — and all I will say is, $39.95, really:

“Hundreds of adult movies in the palm of your hand” is the motto behind New York-based FleshDrive, a new company selling USB thumbdrives filled with porn. The small devices are targeted at busy travelers and others looking/lurking for virus-free porn, and they come in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacities for your viewing pleasure.

(…) All of the movies are formatted for Windows Media Player (.wmv), and the FleshDrive Web site (Google it at your own risk, with the knowledge that the site is extremely NSFW) contains more than 20 “genres” that let you choose your own adventure. A very quick glance at the store shows only 4GB capacities for sale right now at $39.95 a pop, with straight and gay options available as well. (…read more, news.cnet.com)

* cNet wouldn’t link to it, so I did. ::sigh / Also: someone please tell FleshDrive the word is spelled “discreet.” Unless their flash drives really do arrive in a series of segmented parts. Tres discrete.

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  1. The person in Lady Java video is a well known actress in Norway, not an artist/singer. The video is ment to be funny and ironic. I dont think they ment it to be as sexy as Aguilera video. Its an ad for JavaZone: “JavaZone is Scandinavia’s biggest meeting place for software developers, and one of Europe’s most important.” (http://jz10.java.no/about.html)

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