Photos by Nathalie Daoust

I think Nathalie Daoust’s website is one of the strangest erotic photo sites I’ve experienced yet; it’s the closest I’ve come online to an artsy in-gallery experience. It’s difficult to explain what to expect, save for Flash and lots of stunning photographs, both erotic and non-erotic nudes, and several intense fetish portraits of women. Her newest gallery is Tokyo Hotel Story, the fruits of her time spending several months at “Alpha In,” one of the biggest BDSM love hotels in Japan. Daoust shot 39 women in their own private rooms. The portraits of their equipment, outfits, faces and poses are arresting.

There are a number of galleries from her work all over the world; Daoust’s other gallery I want to point you to is her Frozen In Time, Switzerland series:

These images are set in an ambiguous territory where dream and reality clash. In this altered state of reality, stillness and silence permeate each image, each is a moment frozen in time. Here memory and introspection create a labyrinth of illusion, mystery and fantasy. The narrative that evolves throughout the works is a personal one, a journey, steeped in self-scrutiny, towards coming to terms with one’s identity through life experiences, loss and sorrow as well as pleasure.

Found via Fantomatik.

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