Asexuals, Bisexuals, Cougars… Dr. Petra’s A-Z of Sex

In January Dr. Petra Boyton posted a three-part series The A-Z of Sex In The Noughties, characterizing sex terms that emerged in the last ten years to shape sex culture as we move forward into the century. It’s even more relevant of a Sexasaurous today, especially on closer inspection of terms such as ‘addiction’ and ‘asexuals’ — both terms are now becoming widely used (and increasingly misunderstood). Take a minute and read Dr. Petra’s A-Z:

Asexuals – sex researchers have always known that sexual behaviour falls on a spectrum where most of us have similar sexual desires, and there are a minority who are highly motivated sexually and those who report little or no sexual desires. In such research not wanting sex was not considered problematic unless it distressed a person. But in the noughties the media suddenly ‘discovered’ asexuality and reported it as a ‘new trend’. One they weren’t entirely happy about – surely there was something wrong if you didn’t want sex? In response we saw numerous media reports trying to problematise asexuality and confuse it with celibacy. Followed by asexuals speaking out, networking, using the phrase ‘a-pride’, and showing they did not consider themselves to be abnormal. (…read more,

An A-Z of sex in the noughties – Part 1 (A-G)
An A-Z of sex in the noughties – Part 2 (H-O)
An A-Z of sex in the noughties – Part 3 (P-Z)

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Photo by John Cornicello.

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