Richard Kadrey’s New “Kaos Beauty Klinik” Site Revamp

Richard Kadrey has long been a photographic staple accompanying posts here, and it’s a testament to the exacting quality and mystical iconic imagery of his mind-blowing erotic fetish photography. He is also a friend, but that doesn’t stop me from occasionally having my jaw land in my lap out of astonishment when I see a particularly vivid and shocking public shot he got in downtown San Francisco, or a compellingly dark and rawly explicit fetish scenario taken to imagination’s limits in what can only be described as murderously vivid color. Likely in a local hotel room, with a subject plucked from behind a nearby espresso machine. You get the idea. Something amazing happens here.

He just revamped his site and his new work is at Kaos Beuty Klinik. Be warned: is is by no means for the faint of heart.

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