Girl Crush: French Canadian Ariel Rebel

I think I’ve known about indie model Ariel Rebel ( for a little while, but until she messaged me on Twitter last week I hadn’t taken the time to really check her out. And when I saw how sexy she really is inside and out, I really checked her out. She’s 25 and looks so young I could imagine uptight anti-porners taking a look at her and going all crazy thinking she’s “barely legal” when in fact she just looks like she takes care of herself. I love that Rebel went from camgirl to building her own empire with her model pals and took it upon herself to hire someone to build out her site — one that offers so much daily free content and social media it’s almost hard to see what the “sell” is. I love that! I also love that she’s fairly geeky, natively speaks French, and manages to make softcore *incredibly* dirty. I’ve been lurking around her online presence for a little bit now, and I definitely have a crush.

Disclosure: Rebel asked me for a “link trade” and I’ve stuck with my policy (since 2001!) of no link trades; but I could not resist doing a feature on such an amazing model and thoroughly self-defined woman, and I’ll probably add her to my links page.

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  1. Something that’s always struck me about the juxtaposition of porn with any other popular visual medium is the broad representation of body types within it. Though there is a lot of “Hot Barely Legal Teenagers!!!” in mainstream porn, you regularly find people of all sizes and ages represented as sexual beings.

  2. Hi!!!
    I’m SO FLATTERED you are posting about me, this is just too awesome :) I really enjoy your blog and what you do… (shame you don’t do link trades because I would LOVE to add you to my naughty blog section) But no worries I respect your choice :)

    I’m flattered you enjoy what I do because I’m having a blast pushing the limits of what I think is softcore to drive my fans crazy :P (… and it’s even better when I have sexy girls like you liking what I do…)

    I think I should get you a user/pass for my website so you can have fun enjoying more of my work and maybe post more about me in here ;) hehe :P

    Would you like it? If yes don’t hesitate to send me a twitter or private mail so I can set up an account for you :)

    THANK U SO MUCH AGAIN :D and Take Care :)

    Ariel xoxoxoxo

  3. I’ve been following her for a few years as well. Incredibly cute girl! If you think she’s young-looking at 25, you should have seen what she looked like when she first started at 20! Though I think people who scream “pedophilia!” about this kind of porn are really saying more about themselves than about the models or viewers of this genre.

    I’ve been a member of her site a few times. I was always waiting for her to “deliver” on a really explicit masturbation or lesbian video, but found that her videos going right up to the edge of that to be really hot in themselves. Best tease porn I’ve ever seen!

  4. Ariel is one of our all time favorites. And you’re right Violet, she does manage to make ‘softcore *incredibly* dirty.’ In a world with so much hardcore porn choice that is not an easy task. Ariel is also insanely sweet. We did an interview with her and we just wanted to eat her up.

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