Nikol Hasler’s “Sex: A Book for Teens”

sex a book for teensI can’t even being to tell you how excited I am to see Nikol Hasler‘s new book — and now Sex: A Book for Teens: An Uncensored Guide to Your Body, Sex, and Safety is here! Nikol is the brainy beauty from The Midwest Teen Sex Show — oh yes. Cult heroine, she of the controversial and much-loved sex advice show for parents and their teens.

This book is all that and a bag of healthy snack items. Required for all parents who read this blog, and especially those who don’t. Nikol emailed me tonight and I pestered her for the above photo, plus she told me these things:

“If the title didn’t give it away, it’s a book about sex and it’s for teens. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “I wonder why every painting of Thomas Aquinas makes him look like a grump.” Me, too. I’d think the father of natural law would be more chill about things. If you are also thinking, “If this is a book for teens, why should I buy it?”, the answer is that it’s got cows on the cover. Plus, when I go on some hoity toity national show to chitchat about the book, you can impress the people in your living room by pulling out your copy.

I think this is a great starter book for teens. I’m most excited about the sexual identification chapter, because I got to really delve into trans issues as well. The kinks chapter is my second favorite.

The book features an overview of all things related to sex with Q&As from teens in the back of each chapter.”

Finally a hip, smart, edgy and wise book about sex for teens. It’s about time. With that, here’s one of my all-time favorite Midwest Teen Sex Show episodes “Vaginas” (ad at the end is nonsensical, but whatevs):

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  1. I had no idea about this! And it’s awesome! Nikol has such a great sense of humor and way of seeing the world; I can just imagine that translating really well into a book like this. I hope you’ll review it.

  2. Reading your post and checking out Nikol Hasler’s great podcast, reminded me again about how uptight we are sometimes in this country. My wife recently wrote a blog about a similar subject, unneeded fear:
    A healthy attitude about sex is important, as well as being informed, and not afraid. People are scared of teaching teens, kids and their grandparents about the things they need to know. But maybe their right, I often find that ignoring a problem or concern fixes things.

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