Saturday sexiness: To do in San Francisco and London

Like many people, I wish I had a lot of money and obedient robot clones. If I was this kind of sex blogging criminal mastermind I would already have V-Bot 22 on a jet to London with a really nice DSLR camera to attend the Saturday opening of Body to Body at at London’s Ordinary-Light gallery. (My robot clone would have skipped tonight’s opening reception from 6-9 in favour of her usual appointment with Charlie Brooker, Richard Ayoade, Eddie Izzard and the entire contents of Sh!) Okay, maybe that’s the nail polish fumes speaking. Hey, it’s friday night and I’m here with a computer and lots of porn. And I really want to see Body to Body. Think about it. Anyway, if you’re in London and you can see the exhibit, please do — it has large-scale color photographs from Chas Ray Krider’s “Motel Fetish” and images from one of my new favorite erotic photographers Frederic Fontenoy. If you’re a Dita fan, she’s one of the featured models. The show runs from May 15th – June 18th, 2010 and Ordinary-Light is by appointment at 29-31 Saffron Hill, London ECN1 8SW.

If you’re in San Francisco on Saturday night, the underground phenom known as Rope::Burn is what you want. A friend just told me about it, and I got permission to blog photos and info: It is a semi-private event, described as this: “I could tell you that Rope::Burn is an underground, erotic Japanese rope bondage show. On show night, we feature at least two acts where a beautiful model is tied, tormented, and pleasured before your eyes. Beautiful waitresses serve you refreshing adult beverages while you relax in a nightclub setting.”

Sounds great to me. Most readers, no matter how many robot clones you have, probably can’t make it — so enjoy this video and please enjoy some choice photos from past Rope:Burn’s after the jump. All Rope::Burn photos below are Copyright (c) 2008-2010 Paul Traina, all rights reserved. (Yes that’s Kink star Miss Maggie Mayhem being a very naughty schoolgirl.)

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  1. This is lovely, thanks for sharing the pictures, I love the inverted suspensions. I have been to Rope::Burn once before and it really was a great party and show. I wish I could have been there, need to get out more. VB you rock ;)


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