On sale now: my BIZARRE Magazine feature “Pornasaurus”

The spectrum I write within is so much fun: last month it was a feature in MacLife, this month (okay, June) it’s BIZARRE Magazine. You’ll love the feature, it’s a Pornasaurus, essentially a porn lexicon. It’s cheeky, funny, bratty, stinging.. I don’t know if it will eventually end up on Bizarre’s site or not. I hope so! Not sure the most reputable place to send North American readers to buy it, but if you do, know that this issue is not for the faint of heart. It does include interviews with both Rob Zombie and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, two of my favorite directors. Two samples from my Pornasaurus include:

Altporn (N) Rebels without a paycheck; tattooed girls in stripey sicks ‘giving it to the man’ with their punk rock attitudes and facial piercings, while the man gives it to them.


MISH (abrv.) MIssionary Position (adj.) A porn sexual position made popular by religious missionaries who learned everything they know about sex from watching pornography and traveling the world teaching their knowledge of sexual positions to native populations.

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