Of brands and tattoos: Korean artist Kim Joon

Korean artist Kim Joon has been making global waves for about five years, exhibiting work that shocks Korean audiences and fetches high sums in UK auctions. Tonight my friend Praemedia sent me linkage to a mini-post on Street Anatomy featuring a few of his pieces, but without the intriguing backstory I found when I combed his website. Joon is former Korean military, where having a tattoo renders you “undesirable” and not in a sexy way. But Joon sees tattoos in sexy ways, and more: peek into the tattoo art and you’ll see hidden messages; in fact, I’ll bet that if you did a pseudo-Adbusters exercise and cleared your mind, you’d “see” the brand logos quicker in the more subtle pieces. At any rate, I have a handpicked gallery spanning a few years of Joon’s work after the jump, and I’ve included the branded subliminals for you. My understanding is that he uses watercolor pens in layers, and certainly Photoshop in post.

Above is the Chrysler logo. Below, obviously, is the sexiest that Starbucks has ever been depicted. Please do ogle more and read about Kim Joon on his website. I can’t wait to see where he takes his art next.


Budweiser and Batman.


Chanel and Swarovski.

Some are astrology: this is Dragon.

Vivienne Westwood and Montblanc.

No logos?

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  • Amazing art!

  • Bianca D Lite

    This artwork and the time it must take to do just mind f***s me. Awesome work Kim Joon.

  • Redme



  • criolle johnny

    That HAS to tickle!