Leaked and super-hot: Rihanna’s lesbian yumminess in her Te Amo video

Oh my goodness gracious. I would very much like to have a girlfriend again now after watching this video. If you tire of my eroto-pop fascinations, do skip this post. But if you’d like to see a video that could be described as Rihanna meets Andrew Blake, enjoy. I would like to live in this world. Even if it is grainy, for now. Via dlisted.

And if you need more substance, read this incredible post about the world our beautiful Margaret Cho would like to live in (margaretcho.com).

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  1. There’s a lot that I can read into this… “Te amo” right now has the added significance of multiculturalism as well as multisexuality (we need a non-binary term). The burning piano (?) echos the burning symbol used by anti-* groups. The loss in the song…

    I have no idea if the many meanings are intentional, but they still resonate with the present time.

  2. Very sexy video, with a very poignant tale in the lyrics (as far as I understand it). Her lover is breaking off their relationship, because her lover has fallen in love with her, and that is something that goes too far perhaps. Once it has gone from sex to love, they have become too close, and so the lover is going to leave.

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