Hot boy Thursday: Alexander Skarsgård

I know it’s been way too long since we’ve had a Hot Boy Thursday around here; hopefully this item about Alexander Skarsgård will bring Thursday back. On Wednesday. At the very least, it’s giving me the vapors.

Towleroad tells us that the True Blood star (and star of Generation Kill) is currently filming scenes for the new season, and just finished a scene Skarsgård describes as a “very graphic” nude sex scene — with another man. Hot. Hot. Hot.

‘I’m not a prude at all,’ he says. ‘I shot a very, very graphic scene two days ago with a man. I am from Sweden, and it’s different there. If it makes sense, I’ll just do it. And to me, so far, it’s made sense every single time I’ve got naked or made out on the show.'” (…more,

Why is it so damn sexy when straight guys do this? Anyway, Skarsgård is also in this month’s issue of Details in The Men of True Blood. Super sexy when getting naked for a forbidden True Blood sex scene with our favorite bisexual Anna Paquin, he also got naked more than once for Generation Kill and a film called Om Sar. He’s an incredibly talented actor, yet many of us are glad he likes to be naked. Here’s a sexy teaser featuring Skarsgard from next season’s True Blood — it’s the just released minisode, first in a series leading up to the season premiere:

And this is not from True Blood, but that’s okay:

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  1. OMG I just saw that scene last night. he’s not even remotely my type. but that scene — it’s so broken and tragic and he’s so beautiful and fucking macho all at once. yes, that scene is incredibly, paralyzingly hot.

    it may also explain my extremely rough night with insomnia. I will call it Skarsgard’s Disease from now on ;)

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