Best bottom contest: American Apparel’s finalists

The submissions are all in for American Apparel’s “best bottom” contest; when it was announced in January, reactions ranged from outrage and cries of “sexism!” to pervy excitement and posterior posturing of all kinds. I’m enjoying the range of butts that made the top categories and happy to see that the #1 butt is one of the roundest, showing that people who like ass like a lotta ass. My personal favorites were not in the top three. But it’s hot to check them all out; enjoy! Oh — and don’t be all like the reactionaries and forget that there’s also American Apparel’s best male bottom contest, too. Gawd, does the sexism know no bounds!!?? (via FashionIndie)

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  1. How come there is a few pictures of the same girl showing her ass, but portrays it as a different girl? (ex the green panties with the black/white long tube socks, same girl, “cutie(: and so yummy are the same girl”

  2. you said it. it just amazes me that the people who cry ‘sexism’ typically don’t see the fun in playful sexuality, and they blatantly ignore anything that makes their argument invalid — such as the male bottoms in this instance! I think the hysterical ones make it harder for us to deal with *actual* sexism when it happens.

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