Devil in Miss Jones + Massive Attack + Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star)

Watch the video after the jump; someone was a crap programmer and made it autoplay only, and I never surprise you with nonconsensual autoplay video experiences. Hit [click to continue…] at the bottom of this post to watch it; it’s fabulous!

I’ve been able to track this video back about five days on various blogs, but I was sent the original link to my pal Debauchette’s post about it (thanks, A!). The Toby Dye directed video features former porn star Georgina Spelvin reflecting on her star turn in The Devil In Miss Jones. That’s really her! It’s a great song from the upcoming Massive Attack album “Heligoland” which is due out on February 9, and the song “Paradise Circus” features the vocal stylings of Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval — I’m a big fan of everyone involved here, so this is a great OMFG moment for me! Heligoland (Virgin) is Massive Attack’s 5th studio album and will also will feature guest vocals from Damon Albarn, Marina Topely-Bird, Guy Garvey and Tunde Adebimpe.

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  • Tom

    Interessantíssimo este filme!! Parabéns!!

  • Darla

    That was definitely hot. I loved the sexuality of her in her youth and her maturity. Those snapshots of orgasms were hot. That would’ve been a very impressive feature-length documentary, I agree with La Bibi.

  • La Bibi

    Great video; I wanted it to go on as a feature-length documentary. I will definately be looking out for the new music, too. Thanks for the great post, Violet

  • The most admirable thing in this video, for me, is the (deliberate) contrast between the “porn star” and the old lady: two points in time put side by side… Wonderful!

  • Kurt

    Still one of the hottest movies ever!!!

  • That’s just gorgeous. I was almost brought to tears by her description of an orgasm. Thanks Violet

  • Devil in Miss Jones is still one of my favorite films. That first seen with Harry Reems and Georgina was great.

    I dig the song, but don’t think the video works very well as a music video… or is it supposed to be a documentary with lots of music… and sex? The images and the video go well together, just not the frequent interruptions.