A nonsex minute: Think about homeless youth for the holidays

As many longtime readers know, I was a homeless adolescent (13-17, roughly). This past year I have done a lot of public advocacy on this topic, and have done some very intense public speaking in an effort to engender understanding around the issues kids face on the streets. It hasn’t been easy; the last time I spoke I ended up going face to face in a public forum with angry people who literally want the problem to “just go away.” So when my good friend A sent me this video featuring Lady Gaga doing some awareness raising for homeless kids over the holidays, I was ecstatic. She’s doing something, and that counts for a lot. Much more than other rich celebs (and certain queens) and their nonsensical pet causes; I think if you want to trot out a pet charity you’d better clean up your own fucking house first. Know what I mean? And I can’t tell you how many LGBT kids I crewed up with to stay alive out there; not to mention the gay male couple who took many of us in and gave us work and food.

More info about what Lady Gaga is doing is on her Lady Virgin page.

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