The bigboob fairy has landed [artist Shu Yong]

In 2007 I blogged about finding Chinese artist Shu Yong‘s then work in progress: many fiberglass, huge-breasted tiny fairies, on a scale that is both awesome and unsettling. As I discovered on Daze Reader, Shu Young’s sculptures have now seen the light of day and are causing quite a fuss since being installed in a public park in Foshan, Guangdong province, China. It’s called “Bubble Woman” but Yong also calls it, “How big do we want our breasts to be?” Interesting, yes? Daze says,

Starcasm has eleven photos of “Bubble Woman” from various angles. The boobs measuring 16 meters around are attached to a 20-centimeter naked female figure.

This is an incredible photoset (, text in Chinese) of the work(s) in progress — clearly Young made many of these, and in various sizes. According to Yong, one sculpture has been smashed, and the new one is now wearing a “bra”.

And here is more on the Bubble Women:

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