Kate Moss “Parisienne” vs. Lucy Lawless “Bitch Slap”

This is probably not a fair fight.

That said, here is Kate Moss in Yves Saint Laurent’s “Parisienne” ad, wherein I imagine myself to be just like this in Paris next month for my LeWeb talk, but after eating some lasagna:

Next, we have the trailer for upcoming film “Bitch Slap” (Jan. 8, 2010) which has Lucy Lawless as a nun (playing Mother Superior) and looks just as awful/awesome as the ad above but for wholly different reasons. It’s like if LeWeb goes all wrong and in order to get out of Paris alive I have to get all Russ Meyer and Xena on everyone while simultaneously the great City of Paris won’t let me wear pants to give my presentation (no, really — link is telegraph.co.uk).

Who wins?

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  1. b/s is one of those films that was the second feature at a drive-in theater. just a warm
    up to the third feature which was always enlightening. gawd bless dit and all the b-stars
    that shown on the silver screen.

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