Fashion and lullabyes: Plato’s Atlantis by Alexander McQueen

Slow and moody but very sexy: here is designer Alexander McQueen’s video for the Spring Summer 2010 line, “Plato’s Atlantis Part 1.” (via ponyXpress)

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  • Anthony

    Very tasteful, and I would love to shake the hand of the editor who put all the video footage together – great work, whomever you are.

    Interesting concepts, I like the fabric patterns, and I think in a more modest dress – closer to the knee length – they could sell quite well in fashionable shops.

    Third woman out of the gate was particularly interesting, due to the white patches on the butt. Definitely something that would attract attention, but is reasonably subtle, too.

    The whole thing was very stylized, and seamless, I thought, though I’m sure the robots were a pain to those that where in attendance – I’m sure they were always blocking someone’s view.

    Thanks, Violet, for bringing this to our attention.