The sexiest camping photos you may ever see

Never been the kind of girl to go camping — love my dry clean only clothes, and does my hair ever look like it wants to “rough it” (in the wilderness, you dirty birds)? No. (It does look fabulous when fresh out of my motorcycle helmet, however.) Anyway, sweet sweet reader A alerts me to this pulse-quickening photo set of the sexiest camping/hunting photos seen to date, taken by the talented Tom Hines (, browser resize warning, Flash hell gallery warning). On Hines’ site you’ll see all these gloriously creepily Deliverance-fetish style pseudo-fashion photos in large sizes and in full resolution: a sight to behold. Yet if you want to skip the extremely experience-intrusive design of his site (his blog offers more info about him anyway), I suggest you peruse most of the set over on this helpful Russian Livejournal entry. Oh, Livejournal. Is there no way you can’t keep clinging to the edge of obsoletion?

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